How to get rid of hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids is a huge problem in the modern world, the problem is nobody like to talk about it. It is an embarrassing problem and hence it is neglected in most cases.

This problem mostly occurs as a result of veins becoming distended at the anus. The common causes of Hemorrhoids include, long sitting hours, heavy lifting, constipation, diet and childbirth. This causes makes anybody vulnerable at some instance in their life.

Typical Hemorrhoid signs and symptoms include; irritation and itching around the anus. In case the situation worsens, a patient experiences very sharp pains accompanied with bleeding.

However, curing and managing Hemorrhoids does not require a complex surgery. Below are some of the simple procedures to manage and cure Hemorrhoids.   beach

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids

Treatment of diarrhea is similar to treating the Alexandria disease.

Using fiber shows a lot of consistency in relieving bleeding and symptoms related to Hemorrhoids. It does this by softening stool as well as increasing its bulk. This in turn reduces straining which results discomfort, itching and pain.

Including foods rich in fiber in your diet will ultimately make things better for you. You can start by taking foods rich in fiber content. This foods include vegetables and whole grains to mention but a few.

In some instances you may consider taking psyllium- a powdered supplement. This fiber supplement is quite cheap and easy to find. Another option that gives similar results is known as ground flax-seeds. However, always ensure that you take a lot of water after taking any fiber source. This will reduce constipation.

You can as well take the medically recommended amount of water- 8 glasses per day.

Bioflavonoids- strengthens the walls of blood vessels

This is a type of plant compound. It reduces and prevents Hemorrhoids by strengthening and stabilizing the walls of blood vessels. Additionally, Bioflavonoids reduces inflammation, pain, anal discharge and discomfort when one is attacked by this problem.

The side effects of using Bioflavonoids are rare or even non-existing. This makes it the best option during pregnancy. However, in case a patient is using tamoxifen- used by breast cancer patients- he should not use this compound.

Common plants containing flavonoids include; diosmin, citrus, oxerutin and hesperidin. In other cases you can take daflon- a product made from citrus flavonoids

Other flavonoids sources include limes, lemons, tomatoes, apples, carrots and onions which may also help you grow taller (read here).

Anthocyanin and vitamin C-maintains blood vessels’ integrity

You can easily acquire anthocyanin from red berries, cherries, blue berries, red cabbage and grapes. Additionally, taking a banana before taking any other food daily will reduce the intensity of the problem. If the bleeding is more intense, you might try increasing the number of bananas to three or take persimmons- dried and steamed – which may help your period become easier.

In case you are taking the required diet but the problem is taking more time to get better, you can try taking a 15 minute shower every day. This ensures that some of the sharp pains are relieved. Additionally, the warm water helps in shrinking the hemorrhoid. After taking the shower, always ensure you dry the affected area. This helps in keeps moisture away from affected tissues.

To reduce the burning and itching sensation always ensure you apply creams and ointments- probably one with Aloe Vera. Additionally, always clean the affected area with

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