How to get rid of constipation fast

Constipation can be a serious problem. There is no or little bowel movement when one is suffering from constipation. Bowel movement though can not give accurate signs of constipation as it is different in different people.

The clear signs of constipation is when a person feels uncomfortable or when the stools are very hard, dry and painful. In a constipated condition, the larger intestine which pushes the food material to intestine works very slowly or does not work at all. There can be different reasons for constipation in a person. The lack of fibre in food or insufficient intake of water may result in constipation. Use of some medications can also cause constipation (and as a side effect can induce your period).

Constipation can have a bad effect on your body. The passing of stool becomes very painful, anal fissures, rectal impaction or bowel perforation may result due to continued constipation.

The obvious question is how to get rid of constipation fast. There are some ways through which you may get immediate relief from constipation.   how to get rid of constipation fast

Enemas – Enemas has an ingredient called Bisacodyl which stimulates the intestine fast and swiftly prepares it to push the faces to rectum.

Suppositories – These comes in form of capsules and can activate the intestine in hours to push the feces to rectum.

Laxatives are the other way out to get rid of the constipation but the problem with the use of laxatives is that you may become dependent on them and constipation occurs for lack of laxatives.

Apart from these fast methods, there are ways like lifestyle or use of natural remedies which can also help in getting rid of constipation.

Lifestyle changes – Changes in lifestyle can go a long way in solving the problem of constipation. One should exercise regularly, take plenty of fiber rich food, drink a lot of water and a regular habit of bowel movement are the key lifestyle change that one needs to carry out to get rid of constipation.

There are some natural remedies as well which can answer your question, how to get rid of constipation fast.

Aloe Vera juice – One of the best natural remedy for getting rid of constipation is Aloe Vera juice. It cleans the digestive system and helps you to get rid of constipation. You need to take Aloe Vera juice twice till you get rid of the problem completely.

Apple Pictin – Apple pectin is also very helpful to get rid of the problem. As apple pectin contains fiber which is useful to get rid of constipation.

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is also very helpful in getting rid of constipation. Drink lemon mixed in hot water at least twice a day.

Bael fruit – Bael fruit is known for its laxative properties which is helpful in constipation. fruits containing fiber are also very useful in getting rid of constipation. The fruits having anti-constipation properties are pear, guava, gapes, Orange, Papaya, Linseed, berries etc.

Honey mixed with milk can also be helpful in getting rid of constipation. Drink this at least twice a day and you will feel its positive effects.

The use of any of the above methods will surely help you to get rid of constipation problem.


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